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Only book travel with a licensed & professional travel agent or agency!
Is your travel agent a member of an organization that offers you support?
On-line travel sites, shop them & book w/ an agent; don't shop travel agents!
Insure your travels, no matter how you feel today - things happen all the time!
Passport, Visa, Travel Warnings, Unique Customs, Cultural Differences.
Tips, Safety, How to enjoy your vacation or travel experience without big
bucks or over planning your journey, exploration is part of experiencing life.
Types of travel: Cruising, Tours, Independent, Themed Travel, Life Style
Travel, Educational Travel, Volunteering while Traveling and more!
As an advocate we're on your team, use an agent who is with you 24/7!
Travel Topics: (this page is a brief outline of suggestions, not meant to represent
local laws, legal protection or customs.  It's for your enjoyment while sharing some
basic information from my past travel experiences.) Travel Safe!

Only book with a Licensed Travel Professional
It's your money, is saving a few dollars worth turning a dream vacation into a night
mare?  No it isn't, keep things in prospective it doesn't cost more to book with a travel
agent in some cases you'll be surprised at the special perks we can offer
.  I can't
express the importance enough in using a travel agent
. I've had to rescue clients during
the volcano eruption in Europe, lost passports, lost credit cards, missed trains, flights
cancelled at last minute and much more all at no charge to you the client for our
assistance. Insurance assistance when needed to get their claims started and help when
there is an issue with the insurance providers. This is something only a real travel agent
can do, not a web site or on-line travel booking site.  

Is your travel agent a member of an organization that offers support?
Memberships in a professional organization isn't required for you to decide on using an
agent, however; it will offer you added services, protection and most of all it will allow
your travel agent to access tools others might not have.  This is an investment an agent
makes in their business to assure they have the resources needed to offer stellar skills.
I think it is important
. I belong to several noted organizations, the investment is worth
it  support
ing our clients. One other important item I strongly believe in is agencies
should have E & O professional liability insurance along with other consumer
protection coverages.
In 2013 we are adding supplier bankruptcy coverage to our
policies due to the continued weak economy
. We are very careful who we book with,
but even the best screening won't protect everyone against a sudden closure or
financial loss that causes a supplier to cease operations.

On-Line travel sites
Okay we all shop the on-line sites, as a travel agent I like to see what is out there. As a
consumer I would question what the site is offering if I've never traveled to the
location.  Many times you will click into the site and find out the rates have changed or
you may need to enter personal info before they will show a rate or price.  Do you
think this is wise?  I think when you're ready to book with your travel professional you
should do some shopping and have some idea of the costs and specs don't be pulled in
A travel agent will present you with a true offer he or she can support in good faith.  
One other thing, please don't shop a travel agent for the lowest price, remember we
provide a service and we will get you the best price & value
. Asking us to under cut a
price or if you know you're not going to pay more than the lowest price no matter
what type of motel, room or even location you're visiting just book this on-line and
respect our services. We want you as a client for life not just a quick booking or at
least that
's how I run my agency; you're very important to our success we have
hundreds of referrals because we only offer products that will meet your budgets and

Insure your travels
As most things, if you insure your trip and you don't use the coverage it results in extra
cost for your vacation, however; one accident or medical emergency, flight delay a
child or family member becomes ill this policy becomes your life line!  I've seen this
happen so many times that I can't tell you how important this issue is and should be
considered by all in your traveling party before a hasty decision of "no".  Please look at
the overall costs, can you afford to loose your money if you cancel your trip, are you
traveling in a foreign land without medical or rescue insurance, will your children or
other members of your family need you in an emergency?  Believe me when I say you
might be feeling good today; it is impossible to predict your health or a possibility of an
accident when traveling.  Fear shouldn't be the drive to purchase insurance, it is a
personal decision and not all will insure many feel self insurance is best for them.  We
as travel agents can only offer the various programs, your decision whether to accept
insurance or not will have no bearing on services provided to your and your family or

Passports, Visas, State Department Warnings, Customs
I always advising you to verify the current restrictions and requirements for foreign
.  One basic thing to remember to avoid huge disappointments is to review your
passport each year at your birthday verify you have an expiration date that exceeds the
next 18 months.  One rule is to replace your passport once you're within a year of the
expiration date.  As a basic rule your passport must be valid for 6 months past your
return travel date to enter or even get on a plane in most cases.  Also the number of
blank pages in your passport is important, some countries require 2 or more clear
pages or open visa pages. You can have additional pages inserted in your passport if
you're short of pages just remember to do this well in advance of your trip finalization.
We offer VISA services and passport services for a fee based on the amount of work
that is required in some cases you should use a professional to prepare your passport
for presentation to the VISA services to ensure proper paperwork is completed and
provided as support when you apply for a VISA or new passport.  

Here are some links that will help you determine if you need a VISA or Passport as well
as links to the State Departments to check for travel warnings and entry and exit
requirements along with customs restrictions:

CIBT Visa & Passport Services:            
US Department of State:                       

Travel tips, safety and important things to know
Something as simple as a smile, thank you or please will go a long way during your
travels, not all the things people say about unfriendly people in other countries are true,
I have found the opposite to be true everywhere.

Be alert as at home pay attention to your surroundings, you'll be fine if you use the
same safe walking and traveling rules you use at home.  I know you'll be concerned
about taxis and other services so ask you hotel staff to call a taxi, they know you're
very important to their business and will help in many ways.

Leave your passport and extra credit cards in your hotel safe, keep a copy of your
passport with your travel agent he / she can assist you if you've lost your important
documents if they have a photo copy, believe me it happens.

Use your credit card or pre-paid travel card if possible, never a debit card!  You are
wise to take a limited amount of cash on your travels and use the ATM at any major
banking institution, withdraw your cash using your pin as long as it is four digits. Call
you credit card company and bank to update your travel plans to avoid your card being
flagged or cut off.  

Tipping in a foreign country can be insulting to the locals, be sure to do some research
on this before traveling or ask your travel agent for a tipping guide, they'll be fine with
getting this information for you.  Try to use local currency when possible, if all else
fails and you're out of local currency you'll find
the dollar is very well received.

Types of travel you might explore
With today's economy and concerns it is suggested you explore two different types of
cruise options, deep water cruising or river and barge cruises. It's the best way to
experience foreign lands in safety and comfort, once you've been out and about your
next vacations should be a land / rail exploration to take in more local culture.  Cruises
either river or ocean offer a tremendous value along with a taste of the region you're
visiting in the safety and comfort of taking your hotel room with you.

Your advocate, visit our "We're Extraordinary Page"
Know this - if it goes wrong you'll be able to count on your travel agent and no one
else he or she has the tools, education and knowledge to help while you're on the road.
Don't wait till you get home, ask for help at the time you need it - I insist!   

It's your vacation - travel wise, travel safe, be alert & enjoy yourself!
Travel agents provide a vital service, call one today and experience how
to start your next trip or vacation off without stress - it'll make the entire trip.
Topics we suggest you review, below I've expanded on each subject - feel free to
email your questions to, we will respond to general questions
for non clients within 48 hours of your request.  Please only inquires on general travel
subjects, if you wish trip planning please call for an appointment with our staff.
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