Cetc Terms & Conditions 2017
Cetc Travel Services
"Personalized Service"
Current Terms & Conditions:       

Cetc Travel Services is a management company , making arrangements with tour guides, tour companies, event planners, restaurants, carriers,
hotels, planes, aircraft, trains, ships, ferries, buses, cable cars, private cars services, limousine services, taxis, boats, water taxis and any and all
modes of transportation; as well as all types of hotel arrangements.   Cetc Travel Services is not an operator of any vehicle or any of the other
modes of transportation. Cetc Travel Services contracts all travel arrangements out to the most qualified insured operators without exception,
Cetc Travel Services will not or ever operate a type of transportation needed to accommodate the needs of our passengers.  All modes of
transport are licensed outside of our company and are bound by local laws, insurance requirements, license requirements and most of all,
integrity in the industry. Cetc Travel Services acts only as a planning manager for any transportation carrier, hotel, ground, rail or tour and
other operators.  

Consumer Booking Procedures

Cetc Travel Services processes your payment via your personal Credit Card to our suppliers directly, some suppliers may not accept a
personal credit card, in these cases we will accept a check or cashiers check payable to Cetc Travel Services we will turn around and issue
payment within five business days to the supplier via an electronic check where available.  We never hold your funds, nor will we “bill” you
over time even at your request.  We will not accept partial payments unless the supplier will accept a partial payment from our clients via
credit card or electronic transfer.  Cetc Travel Services will not hold your payment for any reason, even if you request us to hold a check until
funds are available, this isn’t a practice we will participate or endorse for any clients.  Once we are paid by you, the client, it will be
processed immediately and sent to the supplier providing travel services always within five business days.  Cetc Travel Services doesn’t offer
travel designed and built by us, we only offer trips or travel supplied by outside services and companies, we are a management company and
exclusively. We will manage your travels with  suppliers or out source your needs based on your request.  100% of the bookings are direct
with the supplier providing the travel services with your credit card; it is very rare to find a supplier that will not accept a credit card for full
payment and insurance coverage.  Using a credit card and purchasing insurance is encouraged for all bookings, this not only protects you the
consumer it also protects you as a client should a company go out of business or not fill its obligation.  

When we manage a booking on your behalf we will contact the supplier and forward your confirmations via email or regular mail depending on
the document types.  We encourage all clients to review your confirmations in great detail as Cetc Travel Services is not responsible for
inaccurate information from the suppliers.  We must have all the legal information required by the TSA including your full legal name (no
nicknames), your date of birth (and all others traveling with you), your gender (this must be spelled out) and your address and phone
number.  International travels will require a Passport or Travel Card information before we assist you or your staff.  If your travel requires a
VISA or special entry paperwork you must obtain this on your own.  We are available to help with this; we have offered to do the mailing
and proofing for our clients, our service charge for this is $125.00 per application or VISA stamp required.  

Cancellation Information:

Cetc Travel Services is a booking agent and will handle your cancellations with the suppliers, vendors, airlines or tour companies.  Should the
supplier issue a refund to our agency as opposed to your credit card or to you in a form of a check we will process the refund and forward it
to you within 5 business days, normally the same day it is processed and the refund is requested from our bank via a bank check – please
note the check will be from our bank and not from our agency directly, we will notify you of the check as it is processed by our bank.  We do
not issue paper checks from our office for travel refunds, checks are issued by our bank and paid directly to you from the bank.  We will not
issue a refund in advance of receiving it from the supplier, the supplier has different policies on refunds and cancellations; should you be
granted a refund suppliers have up to thirty days to process the refund (some longer) before issuing it directly to the client or to the agency.  
When the supplier offers a refund to your credit card it is handled by them directly and may take up to two billing cycles for it to show up on
your statement.  Be advised Cetc Travel Services has no control over this procedure and it is not able to advance your refund.  Cetc Travel
Services is under no obligation to refund a trip or travel plans you have requested if the supplier denies the refund, you as the client must
review the cancellation penalties and policies of each of the suppliers booked by you via our agency or on your own.  

Having insurance on your trip will not constitute an automatic refund in full; some conditions are different in each case.  You might be offered
a future travel credit from the cruise line or tour company, you may be offered cash refund depending on the policy of the supplier and
insurance carrier.  It is your responsibility to request the appropriate insurance or trip cancellation policy that meets your financial needs.  
Most have similar coverage for medical, pre-existing and emergency medical assistance, however; most policies are different in application for
bankruptcy, and work related cancellations or illness by family members either traveling or not traveling with you, you must request the
correct type of insurance from our agency or the supplier directly.  Cetc Travel Services will ask you about insurance at time of booking, it is
your responsibility to accept or decline the insurance, once the insurance has been added to your reservation the amount of the policy is non
refundable in any situation or any change of plans.  

Cetc Travel Services has no cancellation policy for our services as we are
your manager and we don’t offer trips by our design or management
under any circumstances.  We are 100% a management company that deals directly with suppliers, individual tour operators, airlines, rail
companies, theater brokers and vacation package companies.

Service Charges & Fees:
As you pay your attorney, accountant and other professionals we to are a professional agency and value our services and time. At no time are
fees refundable, by confirming or responding to our email you have agreed to our fees and understand the fee is not a deposit in anyway
nor will it be applied to your future bookings or refunded for any reason.  

Service Charges for certain bookings:

We charge a $125.00 fee for VISA applications assistance with applying for your travel documents
We charge a fee of $25.00 for rail travel, this is per ticket up to two passengers per ticket

We charge air booking fees at the same time we purchase your air, billed separately on your credit card statements, $39.00 for each coach /
first class ticket (up to two passengers), $59.00 for each international, first or business class ticket (up to two passengers).  This fee is
automatic and will not be refunded if you cancel your reservation.  All air, rail and transportation fees are chargeable for changes, reissues and
upgrades or mileage tickets.  Airlines, rail companies and other suppliers will also charge a change fee along with fare increases.  If you are a
VIP client with a supplier, often we will be able to have the suppliers fees waived.  This is reviewed on a case by case basis, as well as
refundable, first and upper class tickets are changeable without penalty by the suppliers, however; fare increases and our service charge will
be charged to your credit card on file.

We charge a “negotiated” fee with our corporate clients for special contracted hotel rooms, this is handled on a case by case basis between
Cetc Travel Services and the company requesting discounted contract or volume discounted rooms in the major markets.

A special planning charge, non refundable of $7,500.00 is charged in advance for private charters* and special projects we are asked to design,
this is a very rare charge but protects our resources and allows us to offer you stellar services.  This is a very special client that requires
multiple plans and suppliers, often involving private charters.  This is a nonrefundable consulting fee and is charged in advance even if you
This excludes private jet charters, call for details on our brooking rules for private jets, security transfers for corporate clients only. We have  
access to a large inventory of private jets. Complimentary transfers included with all private jet bookings. Transfers only not for on demand.

For normal bookings, cruise bookings, hotel bookings (non point awards), tour company bookings and most suppliers that are our partners  
we don't charge for handling these types of bookings unless they require special attention. Please ask if you have any questions about our fees
and charges, we will advise in advance of any and all charges.  Other charges may apply and these terms are subject to change without notice –
the last update of our terms and conditions occurred on
Novemeber 8, 2013. Original terms and conditions established in October 2004 are
still in effect and these updates are added modifications to the original terms and conditions created at that time.

Legal Information:  

Sending the fee to Cetc Travel Services grants & constitutes consent of our management to the terms and conditions explained in our print
material and on our web site, responding to our offers also constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions. Cetc Travel Services will not
be held responsible for acts beyond its control, ie: acts of God or Nature, Acts of War, Planned or Unplanned attacks on us whether on US
soil or foreign soil, changes in contracts from suppliers world wide.  We are not responsible for damages or losses including: personal
property, luggage, jewelry, monies, travel documents as well as loss of income from persons or entities not controlled by Cetc Travel
Services, such as Airlines, Rail, Bus, Auto, Ships, Boats, Ferries, Charters, Restaurants, Chefs, Caterers or any provider as well as Hotels.   
All service charges, fees and planning services are non refundable under any reason.


                                              CALL US AT 503-227-3599 WITH QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS
Terms and conditions have been in force from inception of our business and continues to evolve as needed due to legal changes
and legislation changes, our conditions of doing business have been on going in force since 2004!
We love you being one of our valued clients our mission is to be of service to you when, where and how you need
us for all your travel needs.  Our extended services to every client is world class with only you in mind each time
we work to keep your trust and loyalty.

Cetc Travel affirms that you automatically accept the terms and conditions of doing business as client or supplier
when you respond in person, email or phone. Any communication that you respond to about an offer from us is
an automatic acceptance on your part to our terms.  Should you wish to discuss a specific term or condition
please reply in writing prior to any travel arrangements booked or confirmed. Our service charges for all travel is
non refundable and are not a deposit for future travel, any changes will incur a charge.  All terms and service
charges are listed within this web site and subject to change without notice, in force since 2004.