It's a privilege for us to be of service to you as one of our valued VIP clients.
As your personal manager you're never alone, assistance available world wide
*email response in 15 minutes or less, barring any service disruption / time zones or other uncontrolled
issues. Text messages or emails are also responded within the same time barring any disruptions.
"We're Not Ordinary, We're Extraordinary"
Cetc Travel Services
Why you have selected the right manager for you travel management needs:
As a professional management company we offer stellar services at affordable rates,
our charges are designed with you in mind creating peace of mind & value added
services. A brief list of our inclusive services to our clients:
  • Complete documentation of your plans, includes printing all documents
  • Full registration on your behalf with your destination or service provider
  • Destination information, restaurant reservations, show reservations by request
  • A private 24 hour number to call or text us as your private manager
  • Value added amenities from our suppliers as a valued client, based on you
  • We maintain your profile with updates, desires and preferences at all times
  • We monitor our email account 24 /7 responses in 15 minutes or less*
  • In the unlikely event things go array we'll take action as your advocate
Other services we will arrange on your behalf include:
Transfers, private or shared - cost presented for your approval before securing
Private and shared events, social meetings per your request within your budget
Personal gifts and touches for your significant other or family members
  • We are your personal concierge with world wide connections
  • We manager all aspects of what you want, not what we want
  • We are your advocate, we resolve issues to the expectations of all parties
  • We know your recommendation to your friends are our life line to success
  • We believe our clients trust us as we trust them; creating great partnerships
  • We research extensively to provide intelligent solutions for your needs
  • We understand "Luxury" isn't the cost - it's personal values and experiences
  • We create an experience level you desire; 100% of our design is for you
"Captivating, Engaging, Transcending &
Creative." - Travel Services