Fees and Service Charge Schedules / Agreement 2013
Cetc Travel Services
"Personalized Service"
We love you being one of our valued clients our mission is to be of service to you when, where and how you need us for all your travel
needs.  Our extended services to every client is world class with only you in mind each time we work to keep your trust and loyalty.

Cetc Travel affirms that you automatically accept the terms and conditions of doing business as client or supplier when you
respond in person, email or phone. Any communication that you respond to about an offer from us is an automatic
acceptance on your part to our terms.  Should you wish to discuss a specific term or condition please reply in writing prior to
any travel arrangements booked or confirmed
. Our service charges for all travel is non refundable and are not a deposit for future
travel, any changes will incur a charge.  All terms and service charges are listed within this web site and subject to change without
notice, engaged our terms in 2004.         
This agreement is based on the principle that Cetc Travel Services, its agents or agency will perform planning services, management services
and concierge or consulting services based on our rates for services performed by our professional staff members.
(Updated 11/08/2013)

General Fee Policy:
Due to the changes in the industry and our desire to be of service to you for a very long time we've developed a service charge on select travel
types as described below.  In some cases you will find that there isn't a charge for booking with our agency.  Air components are subject to a
service charge however if it is in a vacation package often the air is part of the package and not subject to service charges, please call for
details.  We're your manager and want to be your manager for life! Thank you for visiting our agency and considering becoming a future client
of ours, you deserve the best and will be treated as such! *Not all travel bookings will result in a fee, please call us for details*

Air Ticketing by the airlines or a service company:
Domestic or International Coach Fares: $39.00 per ticket (two passengers per ticket or charge, additional fee for each extra passenger)
Domestic Business and First Class Fares: $39.00 per ticket (two passengers per ticket or charge, additional fee for each extra passenger)
International Business and First Class Fares: $59.00 per ticket (two passengers per ticket or charge, additional fee for each extra passenger)
**Air ticketing with points are handled on a case by case basis, some airlines don't allow agents to book with miles, call for assistance**
Cancellation of your air is subject to airline rules, our service charges are non refundable, re-ticketing or reissues will incur a charge.

Other Services Charges:
All rail tickets Domestic or International: $25.00 per ticket (two passengers per ticket or charge, additional fee for each extra passenger)
Hotel reservations using complimentary certificates, points, rewards and prepaid non refundable "deals": $50.00 per reservation

Planning or Consulting Fees:  (not all travel is subject to fees - fees are for extensive requested work - not basic bookings!)
Other charges that occur for unusual or extensive planning, each will be discussed and agreed upon in advance:

Exotics/Weddings/Charters*1 (call for details please)                                   $7,500.00 per event for planning & design services**
                                                                        **150 hours of work, additional work or projects charged hourly plus expenses**
*1- Excludes private jet bookings, these are handled as a special booking, only available for corporate or well qualified registered clients!

High Volume or Corporate Accounts:  (Business Clients Only):
We will negotiate a rate with each corporate client based on needs, usage and complexity to insure you will experience the most cost effective
way of meeting you companies travel needs allowing us to provide excellent service, documentation and follow up. Registration fees are based
on a number of staff members on a sliding scale, contact us for actual costs.

Hotel negotiated rates in large metro areas available for all companies that may need a rate in one city or with a chain world wide.  Our fee for
this service is based on the contract, room nights and rates paid to the hotels. Each contract will be designed to meet the budget requirements
as well as offer your company a cost savings.  

Not for Profit, Charity, Humanitarian Travels:
Call for a personal consultation on our services please.

Basic Terms:
Should you the client decide to cancel, book elsewhere, not book at all the fees paid becomes a fee for our services.  All fees listed above are
100% non-refundable for any reason.  You agree we can charge you the service charges and fees on your credit card used for the reservation
and that you are the authorized signer on the account or credit card you are presenting to our agency. All clients - individuals, families,
corporate, charities, not for profits or for humanitarian travel are required to print their name below in the provided boxes that you've read and
understand our policies and acknowledge all the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and the "Terms and Conditions" pages within
this web site:  view:
Cetc Travel Terms and Conditions.

Legal fees for a dispute will be decided by the courts hearing the conflict. Errors or omissions within this document or our Terms and
Conditions are unintentional and we are always happy to discuss each item with you for a full understanding of our policies.  We are dedicated
to you our clients, and want to be able to offer you the stellar service you deserve.

Fees are subject to change and modification for all clients, all parties will agree before a change in rates are applied.
Acknowledgement required - please accept below
Please type your full legal name/s as the party acknowledging or accepting all terms and conditions; all service fees and charges. By
signing this page you also agree we are authorized to charge your credit card for the required fees (if fees are charged) & the reservation.
I / we understand the fees and charges & accept all